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Our studio aspires to provide a sense of family and nurtures each and every student in a suitable and appropriate way. Therefore, there are various levels of difficulty in the studio and a wide range of lessons that aspire to meet all of them. The studio also provides intensive training services for students who aspire to compete in national and international competitions.


Jose Rodrigues

Jose Rodrigues started dancing at the age of 10, competitive dancing and Ballet. He went on to win South African championships at 13, for freestyle. He started to represent and compete for South Africa in competitive dancing (freestyle, Latin and ballroom, and showdance). He has won numerous titles in competitive dance such as:


British men freestyle champion 2007
Top 5 show dance world championships 2007
South African showdance champion 2009
South african Undefeated Solo Champion 2011
Polish showdance champion 2010
SA Champion of Champions 2011
KZN Champ of Champions Winner 2011
South African Champion 2011
Slow Dance Champion 2011
Solo Freestyle Champion 2011 
Show Dance and Male Champion 2011


Jose also studied in art school and studied R.A.D and chetteti and D.A.S.A ballet and went on to do a scholarship and dance for the mzansi ballet company fulltime dance for 3 years. 

In 2012 Jose Rodriguez went on to acro and pole dance.

On which he : 


Came 2nd in pole championships S.A 2011
And doubles winner 2012 also mr pole dance South africa 2012
He also represented S.A in ipsf world championships 2012 and made top 5.
In 2014 he won Israel pole championships men also
2015 male Israel pole champion and 2015 Israel Doubles pole champion for ipsf.
Ranking top 8 in the world for israel in ipsf world rankings. 

Hes a qaulified pole and gymnastics trainer

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Meet The Teachers


Jose Rodrigues,

Owner & Pole Dance / Stretch

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Acrobatics & flips









Ballet & Stretching



Exotic Heels


Roni, Pole Technique


Tal, Pole Technique

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Sharon, Hoop & Silk


Omer, Pole Technique / Silk and hoops



Gal, Kids' class


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